The Warehouse, The Bower, 207-211 Old Street, London

Our London office is located on the busy roundabout at Old Street very close to the tube station. Our team members enjoy visiting the nearby street food market at Whitecross Street Market.

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The Millennium Dome in London is the biggest structure of its kind in the world at 52 meters. Conversely, the mini-house inside our London office break area is the coziest space in town.


Languages are spoken in London. Say what? It’s true, London is one of the most diverse cities in the world, and our CBSi office is one of the most diverse in the company!


Sandwiches are eaten by the billions in the UK each year (12 to be exact). That story about the Earl of Sandwich… less certain. Breaded treats aside, you can enjoy fish & chips with plenty of vinegar at our monthly happy hours.