In-Schedule Banner 970 X 66

970 x 66
File Size
100k max
Accepted File Types
Turn-around time for implementing

1 business day on GIF, JPEG and Standard Redirects. 3-5 business days for all other media types, including rich media creative served by a 3rd party.
Turn-around time for in-house production

1 business day on GIF, JPEG and Standard Redirects. 3-5 business days for all other media types.
  • Unlimited animation looping is allowed
  • Must open a new browser window upon click. Use on all HREFs
  • Can launch daughter window (popup) only when user initiated by click.
  • Alt text: 255 character maximum.
Additional Specs
  • When submitting Flash creative provide: Flash movie file (.swf), Flash .fla file (PC Format), Fonts (PC Format; if no fonts are provided then all the fonts included in the .fla file must be converted to outline), alternate GIF (served to browsers that do not have a compatible Flash Plug-In), and click-through URL for each creative.
  • Flash movie files saved in Flash version 8 to 10/AS3.0 are accepted.
  • State the Flash version the movie was saved in (i.e. Flash 8), as well as background color needed for the Flash creative (default is #FFFFFF).
  • All creatives must be designed with a solid background color to avoid unwanted color conflicts with the displaying page.
  • The wmode value in the HTML code will be set to “opaque”. Z-index set to 5.
  • Flash creative with audio that starts on on user click is permitted. Ad must contain an easily identifiable mute, stop, or pause button that is at least 25×25, and clearly visible.
  • Continuous looping allowed as long as used in a manner that does not excessively consume CPU resources.
  • Creative should not exceed more than 30% of available CPU for more than 50% of the run time.
  • CLICKTAGS/TRACKING Click-through functions must use the “Get URL” command. The action script code needed for the button layer in your Flash file should look exactly as it is below.
    • Keep the button on its own layer at the top of all the layers so it is never covered.
      on (release) {
      	getURL(clickTAG, “_blank”);
  • For more information on optimizing Flash files, see Adobe’s article, “Streaming and file optimization techniques for Flash Player“.